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My wordpress got janky. I’ll fix it soon. ❤


Oh hello.

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The semester is over and only one more until I graduate. I’ve got my final film’s animatic finished and somewhat keyed out. Eventually, I plan to have a blog exclusively for it.

The website is up! It is if you’d liked to check it out. I’m pretty pleased with the turn out.

Since school has let out and the student show opening has passed, I’ve just been working on freelance drawings and such. I completed a video of me rendering out an illustration for To check that out, please click here.

I know this isn’t much of a post but I’m le tired and don’t feel like putting much effort into it. I’ll be sure to update tomorrow when I’m awake.



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As mentioned previously, I’m taking a web class. Our desired goal is to have a functional portfolio website by the end of the semester. I did a few design ideas and decided on this one:

I was originally going to do two more finished layouts but felt it would have been a waste since I felt so strongly for the blossoms.

Anywho, I’m still working on my film and taking an anatomy class. Pieces will be posted eventually as midterm draws near. Be sure to check back for updates this month.



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I’ve been terrible with these empty promises. Regardless, here is an update on everything.

Youmacon was a lot of fun. I learned what sells and what doesn’t. Buttons and prints do sell but not if they’re original art. People prefer fan work, so this year I shall deliver. I haven’t reserved a table yet but will be so expect to see me back.

The commissions on sketches were amazing. I plan on charging a bit more though this time around. Apparently, some people said I wasn’t charging what I deserved- not to mention, I didn’t earn nearly enough back to cover the cost of my inventory/ materials.

I still have one commission to complete but I’ve been swamped with life. I currently am employed by Hot Topic on the weekend and  I started school back up. I’ve been working on my film as well as other assignments. Some work from this semester will be occasionally posted.

I should have an offical website up by spring. I’ll be posting those layout ideas and have you guys vote as well.

There will be a separate blog for my film “Emma and the Raven” including everything involving the project. Info on that will be posted soon.

I hope everyone is well and be sure to check back for future updates.



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I know, I broke my promise when I said that I’d start updating more. The good news is I have kept myself busy with creative projects. The bad news is I haven’t gotten much further in film production. This month has been crazy for me in terms of 3D builds and getting stuff ready for Youmacon. Luckily, the next few months are clear and that’s going to be the crunch time for school (before the January semester begins).

Anywho, this weekend is Youmacon and I’m really looking forward to it. The only thing I am waiting on is the new buttons I ordered last week. Other than that, prints are ready, and I’m about to make some cute little signs to go with everything. For more information on the products that will be available, please visit the Youmacon link on the top right hand side.

I’ll be taking lots of pics and will update this blog each day while I’m there. Talk with you guys soon!

hay gurl, haaaay

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I made a last minute decision this past weekend. It was pretty tough- one of those ones where you wake up in the middle of the night about and ask yourself, “did I make a mistake?” Curious yet? Probably not but I’m not but I’m going to tell you anyway. I decided to take this semester off from school. *Pause*… Yes I’m going to go back. Please don’t start lecturing me telling me it’s my “last year and all”. Honestly, that is a huge reason why I am doing this, amongst others…

1) More time to work on my final film. I changed my story last minute and because this is what is going to represent me for some time, I need to put everything I have into it. It needs special care and I wasn’t feeling to sure about myself- pushing it out in just a year and all when I’ve only taken one animation class. I’m planning on purchasing myself a little $250 animation light box and going to town on my skills. Of course I’ll post everything and anything on my blog because feedback is very important to me. My old story felt distant. It wasn’t my baby and I wasn’t looking forward to doing it (sounds wrong). I shouldn’t feel this way about my senior project. Just sayin’.

2) Financial issues. Creditors are not confident in handing out loans due to the economy. Since most of my insurance benefits were taken away this past year from GM, I am going to be an independent on taxes this next year. How does this benefit me? I get more financial support from the state which means I a more likely to get a loan since the amount borrowed will be less than originally requested.

3) Self discovery. I don’t know who I am anymore. Every year that I have been at CCS I’ve had a boyfriend. Something that I remember an ex saying in a past relationship that has stuck with me is I need to break-up with myself. I can’t be jumping around like this; insecurities with myself, of being alone and looking for unconditional emotional support. It seems I’ve be going through school as a drone and not really enjoying it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love what I do but I don’t ask myself “why do I do it” and “how it reflect on me as an artist”. These are important, especially since the work I’ve created thus far will be going into a portfolio I plan to pass on to the professionals.

4) Free time. I will be able to work on personal projects such as Saviors of Amity and other illustration work. I met up with my writer not to long ago over sushi and he’s just as excited as I am. We’re ready to do this and it will be such a strong portfolio piece for both of us- it just has to happen.

Anyways, I’m sure there are many more results in my decision but these are the main ones. I promise to take advantage of this time and actually do something with it. This summer, I let things get away from me. I should of did more drawing, planning, and all sorts of things. Shoulda, woulda, coulda, but I didn’t. I had the most depressing and emotionally draining time. It feels good to finally get back to “normal”, whatever that is. I lost my boyfriend, I had an untraditional relationship, my promising job screwed me over, and I was financially drained. Most would agree that there are worse things out there but when you’re alone and the weather reflects the opposite of what you’re feeling, in my opinion, it makes things worse with these situiations.

Well, I hope everyone is looking forward to my future endeavors and when I say “look forward to more frequent posts”, this time I mean it.


remember when the boys were all electric?

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Hai! Yeah I’m still around- just been getting stuff finished up on Second Life before the semester starts in about a week. I did eventually come up with a revision for my story. I need to really get it typed and some story board drawn up. I’ve just been so preoccupied with other things that I’ve put it off until the last minute. Sigh.

Anywho, I thought I’d post a sketch idea for my new main character as well as Kitty N from Bust-a-Move. I’m going to clean K.N. up and sell as a print at Youmacon- I hope there are fans of hers out there o_o.

Things have been amazing so no worries. Just been with people I love and doing the things I enjoy the most. Once the story is written up and such, I promise to post it here to get some feedback.